Our Cause

"The Bobby Rahal Foundation has  always been involved with children's charities because we thought that  it would have the greatest impact on them, their lives and the  community," Rahal said. "Our family is very involved, and anything we  can do by using our motor sports platform to help is very rewarding for  us."

We have raised significant funds to help great children's causes. Here are just a few:

-  Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has been a solution for kids in crisis  since 1887. Over 600 young women and men go to Mercy Home from  environments marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment, housing instability,  and other grave challenges. They give them a loving home, and  round-the-clock care, 365 days a year. Their expert youth care staff  gives the wounded children therapeutic, academic, and vocational support  so that they may heal from the traumas of their pasts, and build  success for their futures.

- Nationwide Children's Hospital with both the Bone Marrow Cancer wing and the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit

-  One Heartland serves children, youth and families affected by AIDS/HIV,  the significant health challenges they face and the social isolation  through over 500 summer camp experiences.

-  The Buckeye Ranch has more than 2,200 youth in their care, receiving  services designed to help them become successful within their families,  schools and communities. They offer specialized mental health programs  to provide healing services designed to help restore hope. In just four  years, we have raised over $1.2 million dollars. Please visit  www.rallyfortheranch.org

- Turning Pointe looking to change the lives of those affected by Autism in Chicagoland

-  HighSight provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring leadership  development and college readiness programs to enable Chicago students to  attend and succeed at the private high school of their choice.

-  One Goal targets historically underserved students in low-income high  schools and closes the college divide by enlisting rand training them  how to enroll in and compete college through their 3-year college  success model. "College graduation. Period."

-  Teach for America enlists, develops and mobilizes as many as possible  of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the  movement for educational equity and excellence. The organization  accomplishes this by recruiting and selecting college graduates to teach  for at least two years in low-income communities throughout the United  States.

Johanna M. Rahal
Executive Director